Sunday, June 26, 2011

If anyone asks you what you're living of, say love.

     This morning I woke up wondering what on earth is the matter -just one of those blue days.
I've been loving The Avett Brothers this weekend. There is so much truth in their music.
Don't you love that? When you connect to the lyrics in a song and realize that a million other people connect too and that we're really not alone at all? I love that.

      Sometimes, though, it feels like those millions of other people that feel like you do are located everywhere in the world except for right next to you. All the people right next to you (or the people that you hold close to your heart) are in an entirely different place - happy, maybe, or in a fruitful relationship, maybe, or surrounded by new, exciting people that they connect with.

      Maybe that's just me. It's doubtful though. Maybe I am learning to be content with myself and God alone. That is an important lesson, and it's one that I've never really accepted. I always want more. I never feel like waiting. I have my faith, but I want to see it right now... not later... and that's a very impatient kind of faith, isn't it?

      So, this morning I prayed a little and put my iPod on random play with the idea that the first song that came on would be one I needed to hear. This is what came on, and I thought... "hang in there. Remember what you're thinking of, where you're coming from, and what you're living of."

... Try to walk ahead and leave the pain behind. If the days aren't easy and the nights are rough, when they ask you what you're thinking of, say, "love," say for me, "love." ...

... Say, "Yes, we live uncertainty, and disappointments have to be, and every day we might be facing more. And, yes we live in desperate times, with fading words and shaky rhymes. There's only one thing here worth hoping for." 
With Lucifer beneath you, and God above, if either of them asks you what you're living of, say, "love." Say for me, "love."  

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