Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes I get really frustrated with my quiet self. It's funny, because other times I get frustrated with how obnoxious I am.

I guess I'm just tired of feeling like everyone is talking down to me. Everyone seems to think they have something to say that I need to hear -like I'm void of common sense or something.

In this way, I'm tired of being the girl with these hopes and dreams piling up within. I have ideas on how to achieve them, and sometimes I get frustrated because my ideas are looking a little more hopeless than usual, and I start to let my faith slide and my heart sink.
In these moments, I like to talk to someone, but it seems like all they have are matter-of-fact answers to all of my emotions. I know the matter-of-fact answers. I'm not an idiot. I know that life takes dedication, motivation, etc., but sometimes I'm lonely and tired and dissatisfied. Sometimes I just get out of sorts.

I know that things are going to turn out all right. I know that some days are going to be greater than I ever could have imagined, and that other days are going to be monotonous and depressing, and on those monotonous and depressing days... well, it really sucks for someone to come along and tell you all of the things you could be doing, when really you'd rather just get on a plane to some exotic country and have an instant adventure and all of your dreams come true right this instant. 

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  1. love you blog. you are a lovely writer. cant believe you photographed a wedding! so exciting. way to go! im a follower now. keep the posts coming.