Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Awake My Soul

I was reading through my journal today. Some of the back-entries are so alive. Some are naive. Some are bitter. Some are beautiful.
More than anything though, they made me realize that I have been desiring the same thing for a long time:
It seems I am constantly trapped.

A thought occurred to me: perhaps to give to others you must keep yourself alive -spiritually, mentally.
It's difficult to offer anything of value to others when you are empty.

I, perhaps all people, have become so consumed by chores, studies, work, the internet (note: I am currently updating my blog) that introspection and personal renewal fall by the wayside. I fail to devote time for God -and God is my personal source of strength and renewal and passion.

My apathy is the result of ignoring God.

Awake my soul, for you were meant to meet your Maker.

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